Pineapple Pina Colada Mojito

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Pineapple Pina Colada Mojito

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Pineapple Pina Colada Mojito …WHAT?

Yes, I get it. It’s a bit over-the-top. Just because I no longer drink alcohol doesn’t mean that I am destined to boring drinks until the end of time!

This drink is refreshing at the pool, at a backyard BBQ, or to chill and watch movies with.

Pineapple Pinal Colada Mojito

Why Use Essential Oils?

I know, I know! Using essential oils in drinks sounds insane. But essential oils have provided me great health…and the lemon essential oil in this recipe helps to replace the need for lemon-lime soda.

A traditional mojito recipe calls for club soda, but that’s long over. Most of the time, if you order a mojito at a bar, they will use Sprite or 7-Up as the base.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t taste good with the lemon-lime soda in it, but I gave up cokes many years ago.

So, with the addition of lemon essential oil and lime fruit, they mimic the flavor of a lemon-lime soda. Besides,  citrus just makes it tastes dang fresh!

A Little More About Sodas

Sodas are full of sugar and chemicals that aren’t real ingredients. They are hella unhealthy, but you know that already.

I could have used the traditional club soda that a mojito calls for, but I wanted to use sparkling water instead.

So, I skipped the club and went for something more healthy.

Coconut Water

Here we go again…I make my own coconut water from an actual coconut. This is so much tastier, affordable, and healthier. I love being able to control the exact ingredients in my recipes.

You can get my easy-to-make coconut water recipe here.

Let’s Get Sweet, Not Obese

The classic mojito calls for refined sugar or simple syrup. Of course I am not OK with that! 

The demon refined sugar has no place in my house, no doubt.

I love to use Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener! It has zero glycemic index, is plant-derived, and has an amazing taste to it. I prefer the “Golden” product over the “Classic”. 

The “Golden” version of the monkfruit sweetener has more of a brown sugar smell and flavor, which is my favorite.

For this recipe, I used 1 tsp of the monkfruit. However, you may want more. It’s just up to your personal taste preferences.

Sparkling Mineral Water

For this recipe, I used S. Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. I ordered this from Whole Foods ( I receive Whole Foods grocery deliveries) so that I could get a glass bottle of the sparkling water.

I am so funky about plastic, as you already know. 

Plus the bottle are kinda cool to look at.

pineapple pina colada mojito

Garnish & Enjoy

Add some extra pineapple, lime, or mint to make your drink prettyful! Drink & enjoy! 

This recipe makes one drink, so be sure to double the recipe when you have a partner-in-crime to enjoy these with!

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Pineapple Pinal Colada Mojito

Pineapple Pina Colada Mojito

Pineapple Pina Colada Mojito is a fun, non-alcoholic drink that is appropriate for everyone. There is no refined sugar or sodas added to this organic, vegan, refined sugar-free treat.
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Course: Drinks
Keyword: dairy-free, non-alcoholic,, vegan, virgin mocktail
Author: Christy R. Underwood




  • 2 oz homemade organic coconut water
  • 4 oz sparkling mineral water


  • Add all of the "Muddle" ingredients to an 8oz glass.
  • Take a muddling tool or use a mortar & pestle to juice & meld the monkfruit sweetener, citrus, pineapple, & mint together.
  • Next, add in ice, coconut water, & then top it off with sparkling mineral water.

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