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Please know that this website ( and all of it’s content is about my personal journey to wellness. I am not licensed or certified in any given field.  The information that has been provided here is for your informational purposes only.  If you decide to take any of the supplements, follow any diet tips, or use any recipes & essential oils that are featured on this website, you are doing so at your own caution and risk.

If you are experiencing any major health issues that you feel need emergent care, please call 911 to get immediate care.  This website is not intended to take the place of emergent care needs or any medical treatment.

The Vegan CRU wants you to know that the content that is provided on this website ( has been thoroughly researched and is quality information. Just please remember that I am happy to answer questions and help however I am able, but it should not replace your having a licensed Functional Medicine Doctor to tailor a treatment plan for you specific health needs.


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